Tunturilinjat Airport bus: Levi - Kittilä one-way

Adults single Airport bus ticket direction: Levi – Kittilä airport

The bus will stop at all major hotels and Levi centre. Print the receipt you received in your email. The printout will be your ticket when boarding the bus. Driver will collect printouts, both on inward and outward journeys, so have one ticket printed for both directions. For groups / families only one printout is needed.

For tour operators: A separate bus ticket won’t be sent by mail – printed confirmation will be the ticket. Print the confirmation for each of your group member for both to and return trips. This way your group can enter the bus each at their own time.

Check timetables on Tunturilinjat website a few days before your flight: www.tunturilinjat.fi

Tickets are non-refundable.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO FILL IN: Flight number and date

Tunturilinjat Airport bus: Levi - Kittilä one-way

Tunturilinjat Airport bus: Levi - Kittilä one-way

10,00 €
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